Rules & Tourny Info

The competition is similar to that of a World Cup!
Pool Games cheap football jerseys followed by a knock out competition with a ‘plate’ section for teams knocked out in the first round.

Teams are guaranteed a minimum number of games.

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Objective Of The Game

The game is played for leisure, team play, friendship, and healthy competition.

Fair play is the essence of the game.

Official Rules

???The field with be 15m x 30m

???The Playing Team: consists of 5 players, including the goal keeper

???Substitute Bench: generally 3 players (max 5)

???Number of substitutions allowed: no limit, rolling subs

???Goalies can be swapped during the game

???Throw ins: take from the sideline with feet ? a ?kick-in?

???Goal clearance: taken by the goalie using either Patrick Kane jersey wholesale hands or feet

???Special Beach Football used

???The Game: 2 halves of 12 mins each with a 1 min interval in-between them*? (subject to change)

???Format is Pool Games then Playoffs, with a plate as well

???No Draws in Playoffs. Games that finish in a draw will go into overtime of 2 minutes with Golden Goal rules. If after overtime the game is still drawn, then a round of penalties will take place, best of 3.

???General Rules: Similar to normal football, eg: goalie cannot pick it up from a passback

???NO offside?s

???Referees: 1

???Cards will be Anderson Derek jersey used for fouls and bad behaviour

???Shoes not allowed

???Shin guards, ankle guards permitted

???A team uniform would be good but not essential ? bibs will be provided

???Minimum age of 16yrs old

Unsportsmanlike Behavior on and off the Pitch

A coach, a team delegate, or a player on the bench who shows, by word or action, violent dissent from any wholesale jerseys China decision taken by the referees, or is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct toward the opponent team, spectators or any tournament official, will be shown a red card by the referee and sent away from the competition area permanently.




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2018 Beach Football Tournaments

Drawer????? ?????????????

Auckland Tournament

Mission Bay –?back in 2018

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Wellington Tournament
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